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The Process Renewal Group is a consulting organization committed to helping its clients successfully manage business change.

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I consider myself very fortunate in my line of business to have met a lot of very talented people, people who truly care about the business they’re in and the goals that the company [...]

Process Renewal Group has been a leader in BPM since its incorporation in 1993.


We are the longest running BPM professional services company in the world. We were the first to develop and apply a comprehensive process methodology that focussed on performance improvement. Based upon these approaches, we have helped our clients globally to realize significant process improvements and new business models on over two hundred occasions. Over this time we have constantly evolved our performance-oriented process improvement practices to incorporate what we have learned from these real engagements. We have introduced pioneering concepts to BPM such as Stakeholder Analysis, Process Architecture, the Input, Output, Guide, Enabler (IGOE) modeling and analysis notation, the Burlton Hexagon capability implementation approach and others.

We have chaired over 40 BPM conferences globally starting in 1995 and due to our constant eye on practical innovation in processes we are continuously sought after to lead the world’s most influential events.

  • First BPM consultants in the world
  • Conducted over 200 BPM projects in over 20 industries
  • Recognized for individualized application of exceptional methods
  • Constantly innovating and educating the industry
  • Chaired over 40 BPM conferences and trained over 10,000 professionals