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Business Architecture Essentials

Perspective on Process


We Are All Millennials Now, And I Love It

Our recent article on how we, as process professionals, can fundementaly change our designs to better engage Millennials was featured in the Huffington Post Business blog. For many of us who has been in the workforce for [...]

Disrupt, Disintermediate, De-Layer, Dynamize

Just Published an article in collaboration with Doug Kirkpatrick, US Partner at NuFocus Strategic Group. The article was featured in the Huffington Post Business blog. All around us, we are witnessing a rapid disruption of traditional business models. The [...]

BPM: From Common Sense to Common Practice

Roger Burlton, President of Process Renewal Group, gives a broad perspective on BPM as he discusses where BPM’s roots lie, how BPM has evolved, what BPM as a management discipline is really all about, the [...]

What’s in a Business Architecture

Introduction This article will outline the steps organizations must take to establish a business architecture to ensure that their bold statements of strategic direction are realized through the mechanism of business processes and business capabilities. [...]

The second Wave of Lean

Introduction Organizations everywhere want to perform better! Increasing customer demands, regulation and pressure on costs make organizations strive to work smarter. And if it is about working smarter, Lean is often THE hype they jump [...]