The Business Process Management Framework
Critical Factors for Successful Architecture, Design, Implementation and Improvement

About this Seminar
This seminar will provide a comprehensive approach and set of frameworks for transforming the business processes of your organization. It will also show you how to keep the renewed processes working at their optimum level through process ownership and performance management. It is geared to those with process experience and the responsibility to make it happen. It will provide you with a set of reusable methods and techniques that apply to entire corporations and specific processes. The facilitated workshop sessions will be very interactive and ensure peer-to-peer learning with other attendees.

What's Happening
The pressures of e-business, mergers and consolidations, globalization, cost and ruthless competition are accelerating the pace of business change. In this pressure cooker, only organizations with reliable end-to-end processes will be versatile enough to do more with what they have and adaptable enough to change fast. Processes that affect our customers, suppliers, owners and staff, and other stakeholders, must be at their peak to gain and maintain loyalty and support. For these reasons Process Management is here to stay. This is no fad! It is a fundamental competency for all organizations that want real change in real time. Those that have mastered this can maintain their edge by building the capability to constantly renew what they do despite changing business conditions through high levels of knowledge sharing. What are the secrets to their success?

  • They continually assess all stakeholders' requirements and relationships.
  • They architect their processes and align, them to business, technology and human strategies as a stable basis for dynamic change.
  • They excel in learning and knowledge sharing.
  • They manage politics and commitments relentlessly through professional communications and human change management for all stakeholders.
  • They consistently employ a simple process framework and method.
  • Everything they do is aligned, traced and measured relative to their strategic intent.
  • They do not confuse process analysis with systems analysis or organization design but they know how these interact.
  • They understand that BPM requires more than BPM technology and that this is just one of the many factors to be addressed.

Who Should Attend
This session is a must for Business and IT strategists and managers involved in process-based change, process-managed organizations and orchestrated process solutions.

  • Strategic Planners
  • Business Process Owners
  • Business Executives and Managers
  • Business and Systems Analysts
  • IT Executives
  • Project Teams
  • Financial, Audit and Compliance Officers
  • Chief Knowledge Officers
  • Program Managers and Project Managers
  • Change Agents who must influence cultural and behavioral transformation.
  • HR professionals dealing with the introduction of new competencies.

What You Will Learn
This session is intended to provide a complete approach for managing Business, Process, Process Automation and Human change. You will learn:
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational considerations in a comprehensive BPM framework and method
  • What has been proven to work best
  • How to sell the concepts to management
  • How to gain cross-organization acceptance
  • The role of enabling and breakthrough BPMS technologies
  • Why stakeholder relationship and process ownership is absolutely critical and how to discover and articulate these needs
  • The essentials of a model-driven approach

Benefits to Your Company

  • Deliver better performance faster
  • Balance the competing requirements of organizational or process stakeholders
  • Provide a shared Business Blueprint of the enterprise that delivers a common language about change and a set of process technology orchestration requirements
  • Manage Processes consistently
  • Be able to define and manage a Program of Change
  • Establish alignment up and down and across the organization
  • Get all people to change with less hassle

Benefits of Attending

  • Succeed by delivering visible performance improvements
  • Become better equipped to sell the concepts upward
  • Reduce the aggravation and resistance to change
  • Develop better models and clearer communications
  • Have a flexible approach that works based on specific organizational needs and allows judgment to be exercised
  • Use a method that scales from a small process to an entire enterprise

What Makes This Seminar Unique
This seminar is unique in that it is built on Lessons Learned, both good and bad, from real companies and real projects. It will provide you with the Best Practices discovered so far in dealing with the real and tough issues. It will expose what successful Process-managed organizations have learned about what works and what does not. It will show how real change management deals with all aspects of change concurrently. It is logical. It is comprehensive. It makes sense. It works.

The seminar consistently attracts experienced professionals and managers from a variety of industries and it provides significant opportunity for interaction and knowledge sharing among these delegates.

It also is unique in that it features a workshop approach that will allow participants to practice techniques for their own companies in the seminar room in small groups. The session will ensure that participants will leave with the knowledge of how to truly make a difference to the performance of their organizations through better process management and a starting plan for their own companies that they can build upon.

Seminar Outline
Process Management Baseline Principles
  • Drivers: e-commerce, Globalization, Customers, Adaptability, etc.
  • Business Performance and Scorecards
  • Alignment and Traceability
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Processes as Integrators
  • BPM vs BPMS Technologies
  • BPM Framework

Stakeholder / Relationship Analysis (Who Cares?)

  • Stakeholder Classification and Segmentation
  • Stakeholder Vision / Requirements
  • The Business Context Diagram
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
  • The Stakeholder Charter
  • Workshop: Who are your Stakeholders and What do they Care About?

Process Architecture and Process Modeling

  • Core and Support Processes
  • Process Architecture Diagramming
  • Link to Stakeholders Requirements
  • Process & Project Scoping
  • Process Interviews & Workshops
  • Process Modeling, Analysis and Design
  • Modeling Notations and Patterns
  • Modeling Documentation
  • Types of Modeling tools
  • Workshop: What are your Business Processes?

Knowledge Management and Business Rules

  • Combining Knowledge and Process Perspectives
  • Incorporating Learning and Feedback
  • Business and Process Rules
  • Rules for Rules
  • Business Rules Independence

The Business Process Management Method and Framework:
A walkthrough of the steps, techniques, and lessons learned of a BPM Architecture and Project by BPM Phase:

  • Business Context Phase
  • Architecture and Alignment Phase
  • Process / Project Visioning Phase
  • Existing Process Understanding Phase
  • Process Redesign Phase
  • Developing Process Capability Phase
  • Implementing the Change
  • Continuing Improvement Phase

Process Organization Strategy

  • Process Ownership / Stewardship
  • Process vs. Functional Structures
  • Partnerships and Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Process Orchestration
  • Learning, Feedback, Measurement and Process Improvement
  • Goal Alignment and Incentives
  • Six Sigma and other ongoing techniques

Capability Alignment

  • Zachman Framework and the Adaptive Reference Model
  • Process / Stakeholder Mapping
  • Process Prioritization
  • Adaptable Technologies Strategy
  • Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) opportunity
  • Technology / Process Alignment
  • Organization / Process Mapping
  • Human Capabilities Alignment
  • Workshop: What are your Priority Processes for Renewal?

Measurement and Benchmarking

  • What to Measure
  • A Better Balanced Scorecard
  • A Process Maturity Model
  • Process Managed Scorecard
  • Benchmarking
  • Measurement Pitfalls
  • Workshop: How will you Measure your Stakeholders and Processes?

Process Testing

  • Business Scenarios
  • Stakeholder & Process Scenarios
  • Prototypes & Simulation

Program, Project, Quality and Risk Management

  • Program Oversight and Governance
  • Business Case and Transformation program
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Risk and QA Approaches

Human Change Management: Perceptions and Politics

  • Achieving Executive Commitment
  • Navigating Concerns and Fears
  • Human Support Mechanisms
  • Incentives and Evaluation Systems
  • Communications Strategy
  • Workshop: What are your Stakeholders' Concerns and How will you Communicate to Mitigate them?


Roger T Burlton is the founder of Process Renewal Group and the author of 'Business Process Management: Profiting from Process'. He is considered an industry leader in the introduction of innovative approaches for organizational change. He is recognized internationally for his contributions in Business Process Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Strategic Architecture Alignment, Prototyping and people based Project Management Methodologies. He is regarded as a realistic practitioner, who delivers pragmatic solutions for his clients.

An exceptional speaker, he has chaired several high profile conferences on Advanced Business and Information Management around the world, including the BPMG Tenth Annual Process Management Conference, Process and Knowledge Management Europe, the National BPR Conference, DCI's Knowledge Management Conferences, Software World, and The Executive Summit. To date, he has conducted over five hundred seminars and has presented to over twenty thousand professionals. His seminars have been translated for audiences around the globe.

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