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  • BPTrends Associates

BPTrends Associates (BPTA)

Process Renewal Group along with is a founding partner of BPTrends Associates (BPTA). PRG delivers the BPTA BPM training curriculum and provides consulting services directly and through a network of BPTA licensed partners to organizations world-wide.

Process Renewal Group is an affiliate of, the primary source of business process knowledge for business executives and process change practitioners around the globe. Industry thought leaders provide analysis and opinion on trends, directions and best practices relating to all aspects of business process management. is the most comprehensive, in-depth business process management resource. With over 20,000 members world-wide, is the largest community of Business Process Professionals in the world.

Process Renewal Group Polska

Process Renewal Group Polska has been a partner of PRG for more than ten years. As a group of seasoned process management consultants they provide strategic and tactical business design and process improvement services as well as offering the BPTA training curriculum and leading key process events in Poland.

Wanilah Advisors

We are experienced process transformation professionals who pragmatically approach complex business problems, leveraging an approach built for the 21st century digital world. We apply a disciplined approach to redesign, digitize and transform End-to-End (ETE) processes focused upon improvements in the client and employee experience. We have finance, risk, technology and operations backgrounds and consulting skills to work collaboratively on an ETE basis to develop and syndicate solutions. We use analytics and insight on an ETE basis to change the dialogue and engage stakeholders to successfully change attitudes, behaviour and culture. We are a data driven organization, ensuring all improvements are quantifiably driving ROI. We apply thought leadership and proven methods to digitally rethink and redesign processes to ensure that future state processes and operating models are future ready in the context of the desired client and employee experience.


BoardHorizon markets and sells the SaaS product BoardPlace which streamlines the workflow of corporate and public boards whereby the end to end meeting process is facilitated and all work associated with collecting, preparing and distributing meeting documents are digitalized. Furthermore BoardPlace provides service for collaboration work inside the board as well as collaborations with other stakeholders in the board environment. BoardHorizon’s other main activity is to market and sell the Process Renewal Group Consulting Services and Business Architecture training curriculum in Denmark as well as to represent the BPTA BPM Curriculum and Certificate Programs.


Qualisoft delivers and implements process centric management systems to the Scandinavian countries. Qualisoft offers a full range of BPM consulting and training services in both English and Norwegian languages. It also offers extensive services in the realm of Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management Systems and IT Management.

Leonardo Consulting

Leonardo Consulting is a Business Process Management company located in Australia. Leonardo is a full service business process consulting and training firm and the representative of BPTrends Associates in Australia, New Zealand, and the Arab States.

Capstone Ridge

CAPSTONE RIDGE is a professional services company providing BPM training, consulting and management services helping organizations improve their overall performance using BPM as a strategic lever. All services are available in Canada and are delivered in English by BPTA certified consultants.


Enjourney is a Business Process Management consulting company located in Brazil. In partnership with BPM Experts they offer a full range of consulting and BPTA training services for delivery in both English and Portuguese.

BPM Experts

BPM Experts is a Business Process Management consulting company located in Brazil. In partnership with Enjourney they offer a full range of consulting and BPTA training services for delivery in both English and Portuguese.