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Our Approach

Leveraging our team’s knowledge and experience we handle each engagement by tailoring our world leading methodologies and consulting practices to the specific needs of the client.

By applying the collective expertise of our analysts, designers, architects, strategists and change managers we help you tackle a wide range of challenges.

Our approach is to share our knowledge by working collaboratively with organizations so that their professional staff are more capable to conduct subsequent initiatives. We do this by jointly engaging in client change efforts in a way which builds experience and transfers knowledge to staff. In addition to being an integral part of your project team we also consider ourselves to be mentors, teachers, facilitators, advisors and coaches.

Our services are designed to solve the full range of strategy, performance, process and culture issues that organizations  face today.

Services we provide

Why Choose Us

Because you want the best partner you can rely upon.

PRG’s trusted reputation is recognised internationally. We provide extraordinary level of service to our clients. We are the creators of several industry standards and have consistently developed practices that have advanced the BPM industry.

PRG considers each client as our prime focus receiving full attention and commitment. We adjust and customise our approach to your specific needs, applying the appropriate degree of rigour and methodology suitable to assure you receive full value for the investment you make with us.

Our collective expertise, depth and breadth of experience has been gained from applying our knowledge for more than 20 years in a wide range of industries, processes and cultures.

What Client’s Say

Over a period of 10 years I have had several excellent engagements with the Process Renewal Group. They have trained, mentored and consulted on the subjects of Business Process Management, Business Process Analysis /Modeling, and Strategic Capability Roadmapping. Their methodology and their actionable insights regarding how businesses can determine and improve what is most important to work on, both operationally and strategically, have made a significant impact on my organization’s performance.
Richard B. Levine, Senior Business Architect, Large Regional Grocery Chain
I knew Roger Burlton before he became Roger Burlton! Roger was working with Business Processes before the world even learned how to spell Business Process. But Roger’s focus on Process was different from the typical industry penchant for “silver bullets.” Roger has invested much of his professional life in understanding the essential characteristics of Process in the context of the Enterprise. When I have a question that goes beyond the rather superficial graphic representation of a process model, I go to Roger Burlton. From him I know that I can get definitive answers.
John A. Zachman, CEO, Zachman International
The course was extremely helpful because it got you to think outside the box and explore different techniques of process improvement. It was nicely placed, with anecdotes and live examples. The sessions were lively, informative and extremely useful since they related to my daily work. There was great interaction with a pace that was suitable for the amount of content covered. Finally new ways to analyse processes.
Director Business Process Improvement Group, Large Canadian Bank
Process Renewal Group was our ideal partner for translating our transformation goals into concrete actionable plans to ensure alignment and traceability. I had the opportunity to work with PRG on two occasions, once with a major Canadian Financial Institution and again with a major Canadian Digital Media company. In both cases, I was extremely satisfied with the breadth and depth of their recommendations to drive improved organizational performance through their process-centric and Customer focused approach.
Steve Robert, Sr. Process Architect, Media
The Process Renewal Group played a pivotal role in several major initiatives I was delivering. They helped us understand which areas of the business had to improve to deliver our chosen strategy, several of which were not originally on the focus list but were subsequently validated as the initiatives progressed. They brought a holistic approach to understanding business performance drivers and helped us understand what needed to improve to achieve our objectives. And through these engagements, they helped institute a cultural change towards the role of business processes which continues today. Their success with these engagements has led to further partnership with Process Renewal Group in other areas of the organization.
Tim Evans, Senior Business Architect, Financial Services