Change Management and Culture Change 2017-02-02T22:52:59+00:00

Change Management and Culture Change

Working with you throughout the change, we will steer multiple implementation initiatives to defend the integrity of the overall business design. Observing, assessing, measuring and gaining insights during implementation  we will adjust the course of implementation while keeping the eye on the goal. Recognising the collision between disparate values, assumptions and influences through  a structured approach to surface embedded behaviours we will help you change the culture of how work is done and implement a persistent capability to  mitigate new risks as they come along.

Expected Benefits

  • Benefits from the change sustained

  • Envisioned design implemented

  • Transformation support and coaching provided

  • Assurance that plans remain realistic

  • All stakeholders have common understanding of reality

  • Implemented change will be adaptable to on-going business pressures

Tools / Resources

  • Process and Capability Designs

  • Structured professional method for culture transition and change management

  • Project Management Tools

  • Change Readiness Assessment

  • Business Analysis Tools

  • Coaching, Communication, Observation, Assessment