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Business Process Improvement

Applying a well proven approach to discovery, redesign and change we will understand the contributing factors of your multi-dimensional performance problem. Using rigorous design thinking with exceptional attention to practical implementation we will design a holistic solution covering all aspects of business process, technical and human capabilities, organizational culture and behaviour.  Synthesizing all variables into an integrated program plan, you will realise the benefits.

Expected Benefits

  • Targeted KPI measures improved
  • Problem solved
  • More effective work practices in place
  • Capabilities Aligned
  • Business performance sustainable
  • Evidence of performance improvement obtained
  • Supportive underlying culture in place

Tools / Resources

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Business Process Architecture
  • KPI Design
  • Process Analysis

  • Process Design

  • Capabilities Analysis

  • Pain and Gain Prioritisation

  • Cultural Analysis and Readiness Assessment

  • Program Design

  • Roadmap